Share, Display, and Preserve what matters to you at Storymobile, an invention of the Saint Paul Almanac.



We connect people to the place they live through stories about the past, present, and
future of its many neighborhoods, families, and individuals


We support grassroots intergenerational learning between youth, artists, and writers


We create opportunities for voices of diverse people to be heard and to shape their communities


We infuse art into lives and life into art as a catalyst for building a more productive, connected, informed, just, and livable city


We value and pay for the contributions of local artists and writers


A world of communities made strong through the arts by diverse people understanding and celebrating their differences and commonalities. 

Practices and Principles 

  1. Recognizing and mobilizing community assets
  2. Connecting across cultures
  3. Facilitating collaborative action
  4. Continuously learning and improving
  5. Being accountable

Adopted from the book Everybody Leads by Paul Schmitz, Public Allies CEO.