Roger Cummings

Chief Cultural Producer of JXTA and Storymobile Lead Designer

Roger Cummings is the Chief Cultural Producer of JXTA, a visual art and cultural Social Enterprise that educates and mentors youth and community members from Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Cummings activates relationships between space and place through art, design, independent livelihood, and collective social enterprise.

Cummings’ work acknowledges, while at the same time, progresses the direction of urban visual expression. He aims to create works of art in public and private spaces that have personal and impersonal uses, in the hopes of enlivening meaningful, human interactions.

Urban architecture, design, and planning inform my work. In close examination of these influences, my work has taken the form of large-scale sculptures, pocket parks, and functional enhancements to public space. The functionality of my work aims to incite in urban citizens' a lens through which they are able to see themselves included, represented, and civically engaged in establishing the visual identities of their neighborhood. In placing my work at the center of a critical dialogue, where art becomes a vehicle through which cooperative models of community engagement encourage social interactions in public space, my choice of materials have evolved. I have explored new ways of mixing an accessible medium like aerosol paint with steel, stone, recyclable found objects, and photo voltaic. I also have experimented with using tiles and fabric to extrude and create three-dimensional multi-media biomorphic structures that reference Hip Hop, urban design, and sustainability.


Melvin Giles

Program Director

Melvin Giles is a veteran peace, diversity, and dismantling racism educator and urban gardener/farmer. He has extensive experience working with youth, academia, government agencies, nonprofit agencies and neighborhood groups. He’s received numerous awards for his social justice work including: 2003 Martin Luther King "Dream Keeper" Award, 2008 "Outstanding World Citizen" Award, and the 2011 Morrill Hall/Rachel Tilsen Social Justice Fund Award. 


Darius Gray

Storymobile Manager

Darius Gray is a graduate of Augsburg College and a life-long Twin Cities resident. He is engaged in deepening his understanding of cities and policy and how the two interact and impact the people in the communities he lives and works in. For five years he was a community organizer with Friendly Streets Initiative. He now works with Reconnect Rondo and Storymobile.


Deborah Cooper

Publicity Coordinator & Marketing

Deborah Cooper has worked, for over 30 years, in the fields of Marketing, Corporate Communications and Public Relations for several prominent Twin Cities-area corporations. Cooper currently works on freelance marketing and communication projects, and is developing a series of short stories that depict the people, places and history of the former Rondo community.


Michael McColl

Designer, Fabricator

Michael McColl graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He's a working artist with a studio in Lowertown, Saint Paul and in Lengby, Minnesota, way up north. His goal is to make art fun and introduce people to all the different kinds of art there is in the world.

IMG_0342 iPad Almanac Kimberly

Kimberly Nightingale

Executive Director

Kimberly Nightingale is executive director and publisher of the Saint Paul Almanac, where for over twelve years she has supported people sharing their stories in a variety of spaces, including books, readings, open mics, storymobiles, and on the walls of art galleries, buses and trains. Kimberly understands that being published is a powerful, transformative experience in everyone’s life. Your thoughts on the page, read by thousands, matter. Your words and thoughts have a permanent space in the world and may influence others who can relate to what you have to say.

Kimberly received her masters in public affairs from the Hubert Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota in 2008. Although a Saint Paul native, Kimberly lived for many years in Japan, Taiwan, and California. Kimberly is a true believer in people from all cultures understanding and caring for each other through friendship—sharing food, arts, culture, and education.